Composite Drawings

A composite drawing is not art in the traditional sense. It is a structured drawing based on the description of a victim or witness of a crime. The drawing ability of the composite artist, therefore, plays a role in the development of the drawing, but that role is rather small compared to the artist's ability to interview.

A composite drawing is a drawing made up of separate and distinct components. Though we usually think of a composite as a drawing of a face, but a composite may be done of literally anything. When something can be described and there is no useful picture, a composite sketch may provide assistance in a case. From stolen jewelry and missing pets to custom trim on a car, the list is endless. In addition, composites may:

  • Eliminate those suspects who do not look similar.
  • Provide a lead on a case through recognition by others.
  • May provide new informationAdd additional information in the form of visual identification.
  • Provide definitive proof of deception.