Meet Our Readers, Ron Masters 


I'm often asked how I got started in drawing. Did I go to school? Have I been drawing since kindergarten? In actuality, my interest in drawing was piqued with my frustrated attempts to sculpt a face out of sand. You see, I've been sculpting sand for a dozen or so years, but faces were always so elusive. During a competition, a fellow sand sculptor encouraged me to try drawing faces. "Draw? Oh, come on," I told him. "I've never drawn... I can't even draw a stick man." Still, his challenge left me wanting to learn more.

I hit my local Barnes and Noble and began flipping through books. There was only one that really connected with me: Carrie's first book, "Secrets To Drawing Realistic Faces." That was July of 2005. A few weeks later, at age 42, I gave away my first portrait to a family friend. Their reaction astonished me. Over the next few months I realized that this new gift of artistry could be used to bless and minister to others. So, I began drawing people whom I was praying for, even using the drawing as a creative "reminder" of my heart's desire for them: "Lord, let these eyes see Your goodness; let these ears hear Your voice; let this smile come from Your love and joy within..."

In the last three years I have delivered a total of twenty portraits. Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot, but for this busy guy... that's a lot! Each holds a special memory of the journey taken to draw each person -- and their reaction when they saw their finished portraits for the first time. How precious!

Though my sculpted faces in sand are getting better, it's drawing that has brought such great blessing to my life. Thanks again, Carrie, for helping me hone a gift that I never knew was coming. I'm sharpening up my 4B pencils and looking forward to making more great memories. :)

Ron Masters seems like a busy guy. Along with working full time as a Systems Administrator at a local hospital, he enjoys writing Christian fiction, playing lead guitar in his church's praise band, mentoring teens, and encouraging young people. He lives in Palm Bay, Florida with his wonderful wife of 23 years. They have two fantastic kids.

To see his work in sand – (thank you for going easy on judging those sand faces, ok?) -- visit:

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