How often do you offer classes?

All of our classes are by invitation from a sponsoring agency. We have held as many as 22 classes in one year and as few as six. They are held year around. If your agency in interested in hosting a class, we have a packet for you. See hosting.

Many people inquire about attending a class when it comes to their area. A few thoughts on this. We are not a traveling show that comes to a city near you on a rotation basis like, say, a Fred Pryor Seminar. We are invited by an agency because they want to train their own people. We may not be back. If we return, it might be five years later. 

If you are serious about entering this field, you may have to travel. You are going to have to invest your time and money. Compared to a college education, this is very inexpensive and quick.

I don't think there is anything that makes us crazy like a phone call that says, "I want to do this, it's the most important thing I've ever done, I've always wanted to become a forensic artist, I watch CSI and all the forensic shows on TV, I'm so excited that your class will be within driving distance of me.........ohhhh....I can't come to that class after all, I have a dentist appointment..."