What classes do I need to become a composite artist?

You could become a composite artist by just declaring yourself to be one, but you would lack any credentials should you wind up in court on a case you worked. You do not need a four-year college degree. You do need to attend special forensic art training. There are several good classes across the country; however, we would not be honest if we did not say that we think ours is the finest training available. We recommend you take our basic "Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement" class.

It helps (though not essential) to have the following background:

  • At least a high school education
  • A strong connection to law enforcement (or willing to build a strong connection)
  • Fair drawing ability and a desire to get better
  • A real desire to work in this field
  • A sense of humor
  • A tolerance to Rick's jokes and endless discussions of sports, music (bluegrass), and Bull Terrier dogs. 

    The following would be considered definite blocks to becoming a forensic artist:
  • If you have the personality of an overcooked zucchini.
  • If you have an inability to understand the words "confidential information"
  • If you believe law enforcement is really like "Dirty Harry", "Lethal Force" or "The X Files"
  • If you lack a wit of common sense
  • If you hate to erase
  • If you think your intuition is more important than what the witness is telling you
  • If you're just plain weird
  • If you relate to the above-mentioned statements, please attend one of the other training courses.