Wow, we just returned from an incredible week of classes in Carmel-by-the-Sea! Four instructors and thirty-five participants make this a record for us. Next up is the class in Fort Lee, NJ, a scant three weeks away. I'm shipping books on Friday (9/20). If you are thinking about coming and haven't given us the word, you need to let us know before I ship or you could be out of luck.

We are also needing to hear from you to let us know you're getting our newsletter. When Rick's computer crashed, taking the last nine years of correspondence with you to computer-heaven, we've been trying to recover all our information. At this time, based on response, we are only certain that less than 10% of you are getting it.

South Carolina class is filling quickly and they have a space issue. You'll want to jump on this training if you are planning on attending. We do have a new location in Indiana, hosted by the Indiana State Training Academy.

Rick's assembling all the travel and art tools together for his upcoming master painter's class in Germany with Sebastian Kruger. He'll leave right after the Fort Lee class and will spend six days studying acrylic portraiture.

I'm frantically editing my novel, renamed "A Cry From the Dust." Due date at the publishers is Oct. 1. Look for a release date of next summer.

Blessing to all,