I guess I’m old fashioned. My fall decorations will stay up until I figure it’s “officially” Christmas season, which starts the day after Thanksgiving. There now, I’ve said it. I’m “officially” wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving day and a huge list of things you’re grateful for this year. We will travel to my older brother Steve’s house for our celebration. I understand we’ll be there BEFORE the football game. Sigh.

We are actively working on our new web pages and are planning on making one major change: we will be using our newsletter contact list to let you know of new classes and updates, not personal emails. Rick spends weeks mailing out email updates and making contacts with our former students--time he needs to devote to his, and our, art. We’ll be trying to get everyone on our list in the near future.

The class in San Jose, Dec. 3-7, is almost full and folks are signing up for the Chandler, AZ. classes. Chandler is in the Phoenix area--just think about spending time in the sunshine in January, not a snowbank! The class is the week of January 28-February 1, 2013. If you’re toying with the idea of attending, let me know. We need a certain number to hold the class--and I just found out that Chandler doesn’t have the ability to go outside of the state to advertise. :-(

Keep in touch, stay warm, and give someone an extra hug today.