All kinds of events have crowded into our year and we're still in the first few weeks. In no particular order, here's the latest from the ranch.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (Portland, Oregon, area) will host the third class of this year. In case you missed the memo on the first two: Chandler, AZ and Cataldo, Idaho will usher in the new year. We always have such fun and warm sharing at this class. Join us!

Our new web page dedicated to on-line training is up and running with the first class in watercolor portraits posted. You'll find it here:
I even have a blog started!

My novel is getting the final polish and I'm delighted to announce I have a new agent: Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency. Watch out, New York Times, here comes my best seller...ahhhh...once I find a publisher.....More about this in another news announcement.