It's our Silver Anniversary! Twenty five years ago this month I taugh my first Forensic art class. It lasted two weeks and, because of a grant from the state of Idaho, it cost the participants $100. Wow!

We just put the finishing touches on our California class and are pleased to announce we'll be teaching the class at the breathtaking Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, a Tuscan-inspired masterpiece that's listed as a national historic landmark. The location is Riverside, California. Check out the photos on their web page:  The rooms are a special rate of $84. You'll notice on our web page under schedule that we've listed a number of classes. We'll drop any class about a month out if there isn't any interest, so if you're planning on coming, reserve a seat or you may find the class has been canceled.

My novel, The Superman Syndrome, about forensic artist Gwen Marcey, is finished and my wonderful agent, Terry Burns of the Hartline Literary Agency is shopping it around to publishers. How exciting! New York Times bestselling author (and my mentor) Frank Peretti will be adding an endorsement. I expect ALL of you to be purchasing a copy, giving them away at Christmas, birthdays, and every major event.  I'll be launching an author web page soon.

I'll have more news very soon.