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Overview of Forensic Art Classes

Most of our composite training occurs in a 40-hour, one-week format. The classes are held throughout the country by invitations from hosting agencies. After our basic training, Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement, participants are able to immediately start drawing composites for their agency. Additional training is suggested to continue to add additional skills. 

To register for a class, we will need your name, department (if you are with an agency,) address, phone, and contact information. You may pay by check, credit card, or cash. If you need a PO, let us know. If you’ve not taken one of our classes, be sure you have the supply list. You can no longer register on-line (the cost was too high and we wanted to keep your class fees as low as possible.) Send the information (or fill out the registration form included with each flier,) and email it to carrie@stuartparks.com or call it in to (208) 682-2831.

Our Classes

Advanced Drawing

For returning students, this five day workshop continues to hone your drawing skills and stretches you to a higher level of drawing. Class fee $795. Class size is limited.

Prerequisite: Basic drawing class. (Class dates and location)

Advanced Facial Comparisons & Identification for Visual Information Specialists

Class open to participants who have already attended the Facial Comparisons class. With today’s technology and video surveillance, there are numerous computer-savvy professionals and innovative programs to aid developing digital information on unknown suspects. What is needed is for people trained in facial identification to draw composites from video surveillance images. Course includes working on actual cases.This intensive, 40-hour course will build on previous materials for the visual information specialist.

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement, Facial Comparisons and Identification.

Children and Forensic Art. For experienced forensic artists, learn how to draw, age, add color, and interview children.

Composite Drawing Certification

Participants seeking formal acknowledgment of their training and drawing skills in comparison to other artists are encouraged to attend this certification training.

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement and workshop I, or permission of the instructor. (Class dates and location)

Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement

This is our basic course that presents the most important skills and information needed to become a composite artist. This class is intended for law enforcement personnel regardless of drawing ability. Class includes the cognitive interview, drawing the human face, Caucasian/Negroid males, Hispanic males, supplies, identification, identification systems, standard operating systems, vocabulary, history, and hands-on composites using two methods.

Prerequisite: A strong desire to learn. 

Composite Drawing Seminar

Learn to rotate a face in and out of profile, draw profiles, and color composites. Hands-on practical exercises.

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement

Composite Drawing Workshop I

This course serves as a refresher and skill development program for those students who desire to upgrade and expand their skills in the composite drawing field. Course includes instruction on aging the face, multiple witness interviews, Drawing women-Caucasian/Negroid, accessory items-baseball hats, glasses, Mongolian male and female racial groups, and heavy faces.

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement, or permission of the instructor 

Courtroom Sketch Artist

Have you ever watched television with those courtroom sketches on major cases and wondered how they learned to do it? Now you can find out. Learn how to do color and black and white sketches in this forty hour, hands on class. No forensic art experience required.

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement


Drawing and Painting Portraits

This class is designed for beginning to advanced participants interested in learning about drawing and watercolor painting the face. Two days are spent on drawing, then we move into how to render the face in watercolor. Fast, fun, hands-on. Supply list provided with registration. Class fee: $450.


Facial Comparisons and Identification for Visual Information Specialists

With todays technology and video surveillance, there are numerous computer-savy professionals and innovative programs to aid in developing digital information on unknown suspects. What is needed is for people trained in facial identification to make the mug-to-mug, mug-to-surveillance, and surveillance-to-surveillance matches. This intensive, 40-hour course will introduce the visual information specialist to the biometric world as an interface that will aid in leading to identification.

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement
Facial Reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction and Unknown Remains

This course covers fundamentals of three-dimensional (clay) and two-dimensional (drawing) of skeletal remains. In addition, participants will work on unknown remains from photographic references. Some drawing skill needed, however, participants will receive additional facial feature instruction.

Prerequisite: Some drawing experience. (Class dates and location)

Secrets to Realistic Drawing

This five day workshop will turn your “happy face” into portraits. Learn how to draw accurate, detailed drawings that can form the foundation for all your artistic goals. Class size is limited.

Prerequisite: none 

Skill Development for the Forensic Artist

In response to requests for classes that stretch and improve the drawing skills of the forensic artists, this course will focus on shading, hair, and drawing clothing. It will be of particular benefit to those working on unknown remains and those wanting to add color to their work. All new materials and case studies. Keep those perishable drawing skills alive!

Prerequisite: Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement

Watercolor Portraits

Regardless of your watercolor background or experience, learn how to paint portraits using a variety of techniques. You will be able to paint your own images by the end of the week. Five day workshop. Class size is limited.

Prerequisite:(Class dates and location)

Virtual Training

We do offer some of our courses as virtual classes. This provides participants more latitude in starting or continuing their training. Contact us for more information.


Since 1988, Stuart Parks Forensic Associates have been the leading instructors of Composite and Forensic Art Classes. Our award-winning programs offer the finest in basic to advanced training to launch your career in this field.

Key Benefits#1 Instructors:
Rick Parks has worked for over 13 years as a Visual Information Specialist for the FBI in Washington DC.
Carrie Stuart Parks has worked for the North Idaho Regional Crime Lab. She has received numerous national awards for training excellence including 1st runner up for Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA.

Stuart Parks Forensic Associates offer more classes and have trained more students than all other composite training programs available.

#1 Choice: Numerous national, state and local law enforcement agencies choose the courses of Stuart Parks Forensic Associates for training including the Secret Service and FBI.

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